Thursday, December 4, 2008

SARAH PALIN ( GOP SALE) Slightly soiled thong--will make comfy earmuffs on blustery days. (TOWEL) It was her chance to say, "Vet this !" (GOP LEADERSHIP) The only place you will see Sarah Palin is in a computer-aged picture on the side of a milk carton. (DEPRESSING NEWS) Hope she does not see the new label --Plumber and Dumber. (VP DEBATE) Reading her answers from cue cards made her look like someone fishing without a hook.

NYC SUBWAY TERROR Why would a terrorist group strike when our country has been reduced to a puking shambles from within. It would make more sense for them to apply for some of that bail-out money and buy the subway system.
EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE ACT People, keep your secret ballot or be prepared for intimidation to force you to comply. I have never been "anti-union" but I have fought against behavior which purports to be "for the union" but is actually unlawful and intended to stifle free expression and impose oppression. For example, you don't want to sign the card and refuse only to find your windshield shattered at the end of your shift. It only takes one such incident for a few to impose their views on the entire group. Your only protection is in the secret ballot and that is the reason it exists. We should have learned something from the last eight years of smarmy titles to disguise the rot of the proposal and "trust me" promises. The secret ballot is your power; so, do not give it up without a fight.
. 1. "If we knew the truth about WMDs" Forget the WMD bullshit and accept the fact that the invasion was for oil, oil , oil. Rove is a political bottom-feeder trying to justify the crime of the century. He should explain why the USA has been unable to defeat a country smaller than Texas which had its armed forces decimated during the gulf war, sans an air force and monitored so tightly by no-fly zones that an oil-for-food program was set up so Iraq could purchase food and medicines for its people. The Bush/Cheney administration raped a sovereign nation to steal its natural resources and even the bottom-feeders are culpable. The "boot-on-the-neck" (surge), the wanton killing of woman and children "suspected" of insurgency (a term that Rumsfeld tried to change because it means: RISING IN REVOLT ) following an illegal invasion of their homeland (per Kofi Annan) are war crimes of varying descriptions: genocide, crimes against humanity and simply murder to sate greed. If the USA and the world at large can't address these crimes in a duly constitued court of law, it portends a dismal future for us all.