Friday, January 16, 2009


Then, Senator Reid surprised the GOP by taking the Senate into a closed session which resulted in an agreement with the GOP leadership to put the Phase II investigation back on track.

The remaining question is whether the United States and the world will seek justice for the crimes committed or will we passively witness Paul Revere riding side-saddle to deliver the ultimate whitewash, "So it never happens again."

We must remember that the USA is the collective heart that beats for all and corruption of any sort restricts its rhythm; so, seek it out, cast your pebble to expose it and create a wave to destroy it.


Dear Chairman Roberts: I am increasingly dismayed by the delay in completing the Committee's "Phase II" investigation into intelligence prior to the Iraq War. As you know, the Committee voted unanimously on February 12, 2004, to investigate five questions on pre-war intelligence, including the use of intelligence by policymakers. Nearly eighteen months later, much work remains before these questions will be satisfactorily answered. In addition to the terms set out early last year, the Committee should address the significant issues raised by the so-called "Downing Street Memo"--whether the "intelligence and facts were being fixed" to support the policy of using military force against Iraq. This claim raises serious questions about the use of intelligence and whether intelligence resources were unduly focused away from other priorities in order to provide additional--and as we have found--flawed intelligence on Iraq. It would also be my preference to include in Phase II any new revelations concerning the CURVEBALL case since the Committee's first Iraq report---I urge you to take whatever steps are needed to complete the Phase II investigation----Senator Dianne Feinstein


I received a letter from Senator Dianne Feinstein thanking me for my efforts which included her message to Senator Roberts, dated September 29, 2005.

Dear Mr. Hurst: I understand your serious concerns regarding the decision to invade Iraq based on what we now know was very weak, incomplete, and in some cases dead wrong intelligence. As such, on July 29, 2005, I sent the attached letter to Senator Pat Roberts, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee urging the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to complete its investigation into the use of intelligence by policymakers prior to the Iraq war. Please know that I will continue to push for a complete and thorough investigation.


Clearly the public was fed up eith the clap-trap coming out of the White House and wanted a full investigation. There was much talk about the twisting of intelligence to support the invasion and Representative Barbara Lee asked the President and Secretary of State to divulge information leading up to the invasion of Iraq. I wanted to know the truth so I wrote a letter to Rep Lee with copies to the California Democrat contingent and attached a copy of my letter to Kofi Annan to each. It was the only rock in my arsenal and I sent it on September 28, 2005, with the hope it would hit something or give those weary of fighting a GOP stonewall an emotional and psychological lift.


On September 26, 2004, the Chicago Tribune reported that Mr. Annan stated, "From our point of view, from the U>N> Charter point of view, it was illegal." Also in 2004, the initial report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (Phase I) was completed. But, Bush's use of intelligence was not explored; therefore, Phase II was demanded by the democrats and its completion was promised by the committee chairman, Senator Pat Roberts (R) Kansas. Nevertheless, time passed and in 2005 Phase II had been placed on the "back burner." A statement by Senator Wyden reflected the mood of the democrats who were being stymied by the GOP controlled committee.
"Last year, the Senate Intelligence Committee, on which serve, promised to find the answers the American people have a right to know about this nation's march to an ill-advised war. More than a year and a half after that promise was made, Phase II of the committee's report on pre-war intelligence still has not been delivered--only a parade of excuses."


The excuses given for the invasion became more contrived as deaths of Iraqi citizens and our troops continued to mount. All of the excuses became transparent efforts to justify an illegal and unjust war. What could an average citizen in his seventies do to stop the carnage and pillage ? I felt that I had but one choice so I wrote a letter to Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, and it was delivered on February 18, 2004. I asked if the invasion was legal. I had to fight the tears when I quoted: An unproked missile attack during "shock and awe" on the home of Ali Ismaeel Abbas (aka "little Billy Smith") killed his pregnant mother, step-father and younger brother. The missile blast also tore both arms from the body of the twelve-year-old who was subsequently advised, "No, your arms will not grow back !"

A Pebble Created a Wave p1

THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM (SKINNER AND KUHLMAN) EXCERPT : The basis of this country is freedom. Thus, free speech, free inquiry and freedom of religion are part and parcel of the same thing. In a totalitarian society without freedom of inquiry, mistakes will be accepted as the truth. The answer which is decided upon by those in power automatically becomes the "correct" answer. In a democratic society, answers to problems must be subject to the assault of free intellectual inquiry and such answers will continue to be accepted as the truth only as long as they are able to meet successfully the challenge of freely inquiring minds.

The use of various methods to squelch "free inquiry" by the Bush administration have diminished our democracy. The Bush role as a war-time President has attempted to broaden the Executive Branch beyond the checks and balances provided in the Constitution. The invasion of Iraq provided that platform.