Friday, January 16, 2009


On September 26, 2004, the Chicago Tribune reported that Mr. Annan stated, "From our point of view, from the U>N> Charter point of view, it was illegal." Also in 2004, the initial report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (Phase I) was completed. But, Bush's use of intelligence was not explored; therefore, Phase II was demanded by the democrats and its completion was promised by the committee chairman, Senator Pat Roberts (R) Kansas. Nevertheless, time passed and in 2005 Phase II had been placed on the "back burner." A statement by Senator Wyden reflected the mood of the democrats who were being stymied by the GOP controlled committee.
"Last year, the Senate Intelligence Committee, on which serve, promised to find the answers the American people have a right to know about this nation's march to an ill-advised war. More than a year and a half after that promise was made, Phase II of the committee's report on pre-war intelligence still has not been delivered--only a parade of excuses."

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